Get Good physique So, as we know everyone desires to get a good physique and its not easy work for everyone. Even every work has its own hard work. So, I will tell you some rules which will help to get a good physique. (Get Good physique)

  1. You will have to make your daily routine which you can follow on daily bases. (Get good Physique)
  2. You will have to reduce your laziness as much you can.
  3. If you can control your daily meals like (Fast food, crispy food, pepper food. Etc.) its good to your body. And if can’t do it so you will have to eat on weekend only. (Get good physique)
  4. You will have to consume all kind of dairy product. (Mix curd, Yogurt, Full cream milk etc.)
  5. Eggs, Almonds, oats, Chicken breast, Peanut butter, brown bread, etc. These things will help to growth your body.
  6. You will have to find some reason which helps you to stay motivate like you should keep watching videos related to fitness from any source because it will increase your knowledge And Sometimes it makes you easy when you have your gym partner because he will help you to motivate yourself.

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